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The fashion world has left me in awe for as long as I can remember. What started out as watching "E! Live on the Red Carpet" before every major award show with a sketch pad in front of me, sewing skirts for my American Girl Dolls, and flipping through Vogue in my mom's bed, soon turned into an elaborate dream for a future in the every iconic and growing fashion industry. I completed my first sketched collection during a week long course at the MFA in Boston during the summer of 2015, and used the techniques I learned to take imaginative runway looks from my mind to paper. To further grow as an aspiring designer, I completed three independent studies in my middle school years using fabric from Joanne's Fabric Store, vintage Vogue patterns my godmother gave me, and eventually, an adjustable dress form that I got for my 16th birthday. Whether it be walking through the gym during my middle school graduation in a lace dress I had finished the morning of, or running around the streets of Paris watching a French runway model pose in a sheer two piece I had designed and sewed for Parsons School of Design, fashion is my passion and I can't wait for my next step, whatever it may be. So, I created this website to document the hours and hours of creativity held together by pins, fabric, and thread and altered countless times thanks to my seam ripper, and captured by my friends and enthusiastic dad. While my love for clothes and designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Alexandre Vauthier, McQueen, Margiela, and Gaultier did spark my interest in design, my true "dream" is much more than sewing in my dorm room and drawing shoes in my math notebook. I hope to rediscover genuine beauty and spontaneous creativity to such a degree that not only entirely offsets the same societal standards I've always turned around when faced, but so that my fearless originality encourages others to do the exact same. 

I had been working on this website's draft from April 2017 to October 2017 when I published it. I have been updating and redesigning it ever since. 

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