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Shades, Sunnies, Specs, Glares...

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complete a summer style. However, finding one pair of sunglasses that can be worn to the beach, shopping, to dinner, etc. all while being affordable and adorable, can be difficult. So, below are my tips to finding your perfect pair(s)!


1. Quality over Quantity: Although Sunglasses can be very expensive, they are useful and important enough to spend a little extra rather than wasting time buying cheap glasses that won't last.

2. Not an impulse purchase: We have all seen great items that we tell ourselves we would wear everyday, and then never do. Sunglasses can be these too! Just because you find ones that look cool in the moment, think about where you would wear them, with what, and whether or not they are reasonable.

3. Stylish, for you: Don't buy a pair only because everyone else seems to have this style. Buy what looks good on your face, what suits your summer needs, and what you see yourself wearing confidently and comfortably.

4. Have fun, It's summer! While the basic aviators may seem the most practical, consider switching it up for a change!


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