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Favorite Design

After making my first dress the spring before, I knew I had to step it up come fall of my eight grade year. So, I sat down with my Independent Study mentor yet again and showed her my simple design and a swatch of the fabric that immediately caught my eye a week or so before. The goal was to wear this dress at school interviews, however timing didn't quite work out and I had to debut my work at a revisit day later that spring. All in all, this is one of my favorites dresses in my closet, let alone one that I've sewn. While the fabric is so unique, adding the navy strip at the bottom connected it to my first dress's pink trim. I have worn this dress to my summer job interview, end of season lacrosse banquet, and I even showed it to my soccer team for our talent show last year. Although not many people know I had actually designed and sewed the dress, it is pretty amazing to know myself.

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