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Graduation Dress

As I was beyond ready to graduate from a school that I had been at for ten years, I felt as if I needed to leave my mark in ways off the field and out of the classroom. So, what started as a silly suggestion from my dad, the idea of sewing my eighth grade graduation dress soon became a necessary project. I wanted this dress to be as unique as possible since 30 other girls would be wearing white dresses as well. As soon as I sketched out the look and with the help from my sewing mentor of almost two years, I begun to sew. I picked out a very classic lace fabric and doubled it over a silk lining, yet left the sleeves a single layer of lace. I also trimmed the hem with a scallop style to add a little edge. I interfaced the collar for a finished look, and cut the hanging thread and finished an hour before I left my house for the ceremony. It was my first time working with lace, and even silk which delayed the process. This was also my first project with a set deadline that absolutely had to be obeyed, so I realized working on it as an independent study at school for an hour or two a week for a month straight probably was not the best plan of action. Looking back a few years, I appreciate how much time and passion I put into this dress and that even though only a small percentage in the gymnasium knew the story behind it, I felt as confident and proud as I've ever felt simply by the process of hard work.

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