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Two Girls, One City, and the T.

Last Friday, my best friend and I got on the train to explore our closer and less extravagant version of the Big Apple, Boston. We will both be attending different school this fall and felt it necessary to have another great day before we part ways for the year. Once we arrived early in the morning, my friend kindly took some pictures for my personal design page, since I knew the backdrop of Boston harbor would be hard to beat. After replenishing with basic Starbucks teas, we decided it was time to step into the heat of the city, little were we aware of what the day had in store.

We walked to Government Center where we used charlie cards to travel to Copley Square on the Green line. On the way, we found numerous photo opps including the sidewalk background in my post called "City Style" where I feature my outfit for the day. After making the mistake of heading onto the outbound rather than inbound train we finally arrived at Copley and immediately walked into a sea of people and noise from every direction, sporting blazers and briefcases and showing off new beauty at its finest. Moving forward, we found our way into stores such as the very large H&M, MAC beauty, Jack Wills, Zara, and others before enjoying a fresh vegetable blend and filling caprese at our new favorite French cafe.

The afternoon continued with browsing in boutiques, strolling through the warm city, and enjoying the excitement of everyone and everything within. The store that brought us the most luck, was Zara. I found some styles that are certainly more trendy than what I would personally add to my wardrobe, however, some were too interesting to say no to.

While our mission for the day was to investigate thrift stores since I have been developing a retro and vintage style interest, we were on foot with a clock and hot sun preventing us from truly roaming the entirety of the diversity Boston provides. Yet, even still, we arrived back to where we started in one piece, despite our mishaps along the switch from the Green line to Blue, and we were feeling just a bit more cultured than the day before.

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