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The Devil has Good Taste

... as in Meryl Streep in the iconic Devil Wears Prada.

While in New York earlier this month, I couldn't help but wander, dream like and alone, into Prada. Luckily, I carried on my arm a Bergdorf bag from my previous adventure and had on my favorite two toned jacket, (shown below) for that extra stylish sign of respect. The three floors seemed tiny compared to luxurious compartment stores such as Saks, Barneys, and Bergdorf, but it was still filled with incredibly high end and iconic eye candy.

Floor one consisted of this season's accessories with a second room purely for shoes, as the second floor displayed more handbags and totes. The top floor, my favorite, had not a single look I wouldn't wear in a heartbeat. There was a pastel color theme along with sheer and silk fabrics and full skirts similar to those seen in Vogue. Although Prada is a store I could imagine filling my closet with, unfortunately, I walked out empty handed and still dazed from the beautifully lavish racks.

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