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Gold Silk Dress

Since I had made and worn a dress at my old school, I figured I should do the same with my new one. We have an annual “Casino Night” and when I found this gold silk fabric a few months ago, I knew I had to make something out of it; this dance was the perfect occasion. Originally, I had planned on sewing a slip dress with gold lace as straps, however I wanted to make it more unique. So, instead, I sewed a wrap skirt connected by two hook and eyes, and a strapless bandeau finished with three rows of lace detailing on the back. Unforntetly, since it was my first time working with silk (a very slippery fabric requiring different stitching) and since I did not have my dress form, the result wasn’t as finished and fitted as I would have hoped. Still, I was proud of my work and was impressed knowing I made a dress so many of my friends had complimented.

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