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First Long Piece

Bonjour Paris!! I made this two piece over the course of afternoons. I bought this fabric at Mood in New York City this past winter, as I fell in love with the red tropical pattern and Oscar De La Renta label! I draped the fabric around my mannequin and left high slits to allow the fabric to move well. I sewed two white rims to the bandeau top and it comes together with a tie in the back. While it looks simple, it was quite difficult to determine where the hook and eye would be as I didn’t have a zipper and one wouldn’t come in time for Paris. So, it is a wrap styled skirt with a high waiste to compliement the bandeau. Overall, this look was one of my most creative and advanced, let alone a high favorite out of all of my designs.

(Pictured outside the Fendi show)

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