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Banksy NO. 19

I remember the day we talked about the famous shredding in my AP art class my senior year of high school. My teacher and I had several, creative differences, let's say, but this shit was dope. I don't remember if that day was the first time I had heard of him or not, but he's been in the back of my mind ever since. We watched the first half of a documentary about a guy who likes video cameras in class today and it might have been my favorite class period in all 15+ years of schooling. Impressive as it sounds, 14 years of nearly the same 6 classes (English, math, language, science, social studies which graduated to history, and "art") leaves for a low bar. Anyway, this guy is dope. He's a visionary and inspiration to the basic human because he does stuff that makes people think, something a very small few can say proudly.

I would like to meet him some day. But I don't want to necessarily know it's him, at least at first. I plan on meeting him at one of his exhibits or on the side of some alley in London: I'll be admiring his work and a (I'm assuming) 5'10 or '11 brunette English boy who is as ordinary as the next will come up beside me and ask a question or something and I will answer as honestly as possible and we will start a conversation and then later on, whether it be a year later or 5, either myself or some form of our conversation will be in or the entirety of one of his pieces and it'll be then that I realized it was him.

I think that is the perfect and nearly only way to meet someone of his magic and sorts.

That is all.

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