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Bronco Baby No. 23

I would like a light blue early model ford bronco with cream interiors and lighter tires. that would be awesome. Or a cream jeepster commando with red interiors.

If I get the jeepster I plan on living in Costa Rica or some near fully remote location without telephone wires or any society at all really.

If I get the bronco it'll probs be for my south Carolina ranch or maybe even Malibu. Or Montana I would love to live out west. But im open to other options too. (cars not places).

I plan on living an incredible life, and ill need incredible cars to drive me around.

I'll need money though. A lot of it. I wish I could be a writer and make bank but Ill get to do it from my remote location so I don't have to deal with any of the responsibilities mainland life brings.

That would be my dream: to write all day long every day in a beautiful place where people couldn't bother me. I would have dogs and horses galore and fruits hanging from trees and maybe monkeys if they live there. Ill have fresh coffee and locals come in and out throughout the day- and I'll write about them and share their stories to the world- the world that will be far away from me. That would be my dream.

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