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C-10,H-16,0 No. 7

I bought an amber ring in South Carolina this summer not knowing or caring what it meant, so I figured I should do my research.

According to google, Amber is 50 million year old fossilized tree resin from prehistoric pine forests that is known for it's color and natural beauty. Beyond being a gemstone added to a lot of jewelry amber has also been used as a healing agent in folk medicine, a talisman (an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone that is thought to have magical powers) representing self courage and confidence. Further, in some cultures, amber represents the renewal of marriage nows and is used tie promises and can be worn by elders.

According to Fire Mountain Gems, the vikings believed amber to be the tears of Freyja, their goddess of love and beauty. But according to the Greeks, amber was the tears of Apollo, the sun god.

Amber is thought to replace negative energy with brightness and light, and apparently people used to believe it could cary static electricity back in 79 AD. Only 15% of amber is suitable for jewelry, the rest is used for something else I guess. You can tell if amber is natural or not if it floats in warm salt water. Amber also symbolizes safety,

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