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Construction lady. No. 20

I wish I took a real workshop class sometime in school. I took a semi cool one with welding metal or something like that and I made a tiny glass lighthouse or something, but I want to be able to build and fix stuff. Carpenters, electrons, plumbers, etc. go to trade school and can build their own schedules and lives from there. I won't be sitting behind a desk, but I'll never be able to be a builder unless I develop it as a hobby. I want to make a swing for my house and chairs for friends. One day I would even like to build a boat. But I'm not sure when or if that'll ever be possible because I'll need to make money and building things might not be high enough on my list of things to do in my free time.

Maybe I'll have a husband who can teach me all that stuff and we can do it with our kids or something. But I would rather learn to do it and actually do it all on my own because it's one thing to create something to look at, but being able to make something that you can actually use or sell, that's an entirely different story.

Maybe this school has some sort of workshop lab that I can fool around in. Maybe one day, hopefully this year, I'll have the courage to look it up, email someone, and walk in and make that a possibility. But for now I'm too caught up in my social life and skimming my English readings enough that I can scrape by in discussions. But I really wish this wasn't the case, I miss actually utilizing school and being a part of it, not just another face who walks in it. I know that when or if the days come that I actually use my school in the ways that make me feel like a part of it, I'll regret not doing it sooner. So I wonder why I don't have the courage to start today.

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