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Elle NO. 38

Elle is my bestie. Bestie ever ever ever. (Claudia if you're reading this im crossing my fingers). But this girl has literally brought me so much joy and peace this fall that I probably wouldn't still be at this school without her. she has my heart for ever and I look up to her more than I can explain. Her individuality is inspiring, her aesthetic is mesmerizing, and her soul shines as bright as I hope mine can one day.

I actually had a weird dream about her like a month ago and it was as if she was my sister or myself I couldn't tell but anyways we're soulmates. Not in the spend the rest of your life with one person but in the our souls match so well I'm so happy we found each other way. My Omi (gramma) has a term that is anam cara which means soul mate and she's for sure one of my anam Caras. I am grateful beyond words she's in my life and I know she will be until one of us leaves the other behind in this crazy world-- or should I say beautiful world because she has helped me see its beauty.

Elle if you ever read this, I mean every word of it.

You're one of the most special people I know, and anyone that knows you would say the same thing.

Never stop being you my elle belle.

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