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HOme. No. 37

Can't wait to go home. Just can't wait. Thanksgivinggggggg, bdaaaaay, presents, family, friends, hugs, my own bed, sistaaaaa, actually good food, hopefully a dog.

Home will always be my home. I wished for so long my parents would move, I mean my house was built in the 1700s for goddsake. It's number 0 too which is pretty cool. It's the absolute perfect location in the whole wide world, it's just small and doesn't have AC. there's a whole in my floor that I can fit almost my whole leg through when I lift up the wooden plank. I used to spy on everyone down there and easedrop of course. my sister and I share the smallest bathroom and the doors and walls are so thin you can barely do anything without the whole house being there with ya. our room that should be the family TV room/ hangout room is my dad's stereo room and he also has an entire third of the third floor for his office. I get a porch though with a door that I just grew to leave open in the summer at night because I've matured enough not to terrorize myself with the idea of someone climbing my balcony and breaking in. Our old couch sucked for so many reasons but it had the pull out that ive spent probably 100 nights sleeping on with friends and ive had so many movie nights up there isn't insane. Our new couch is cold and leathery. It looks cool but its the least comfortable thing I've ever been on. I miss my house.

The thing is, ever since I was 14 I've just been visiting home. I moved out my freshman year of high School to go away for school. So this is my 6th year not technically living in my house, but just being a visitor. It's always gonna be my room and my house but my days there every year decrease and decrease and decrease.

So I hope they never move. Even though our house sucks in enough reasons to for sure move, I hope they never move.

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