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Humane No. 9

I'm against hunting unless it's an invasive species. Fishing is fine, but commercial fishing has to be more controlled or our ecosystem is gonna get messed up. Game hunting just seems primal and unnecessary, we do people take pleasure in killing animals that have families and have every right to live as we do? I guess we don't get to pick what sicknesses kill us or what accidents take our lives away, so it makes sense that animals don't really have a say either. People die from sharks and spider bites so I guess animals and humans kill each other and it's just life, but still. People throw sharks back in the ocean after they cut their fins off, people kill elephants for their tusks, people kill bears and lions and elk and all of those animals to hang them on their walls, but for what? Pride? Money? An impression? Can't you do all that by making a good cup of coffee instead?

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