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Mind Map No. 6

I chose the term Anam Cara for my mind map's central theme. Anam Cara is a Celtic term that means "Soul Friend," and a term that my grandmother uses to describe our relationship. I am very close with my grandmother and I haven't forgotten this concept ever since hearing it for the first time this summer.

For my project, my friend Elle traced me in a position, I cut it out, and at the time knew nothing other than that I wanted to incorporate color and have the cut out resemble me/my higher self in some way. After choosing Anam Cara for my central theme, it came together. Just like the saying you can't love anyone else without loving yourself, I believe everyone should be soulmates with themselves before looking for a deeper connection with anyone else. With this in mind I incorporated words, phrases, artists, etc. that remind me of myself when I feel truly connected with my soul. Below is my final project from last week's assignment, and I think I'll hang it up on my wall or something.

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