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money money NO. 45

we were asked to do assignment on money.To make art out of it or something.

If I had a spare dollar lying around I would, but I only have a $20 bill and I'm supposed a broke college student.

So, here's what I'll say instead.

the second shoes came into play, the world was fucked.

The second people decided to cover their feet was the second the fun ended.

Humans are animals, why do we force ourselves to act more like aliens? Moneys stupid too, we should be trading for food and memories, not so the rich can get richer and the poor can ask for food and drugs on the street.

We use money for shoes, so I guess money is just as bad as shoes, so one fuels the other, but in reality its really shoes that are the problem. If we didn't have them, we would still be living outside and looking at the stars. Being inside is the worst and I just think we're supposed to go in caves when it rains and under trees when our skin can't handle the sun anymore. We're supposed to explore the world as it should be, not how we've made it. We're so bad for this place, not the other way around. We've done it all to the world and I just wanna go back to when real things mattered. Whether or not our bodies were well, if we all have enough food and can't sleep well at night. But no. I have to worry about what I'm gonna do that'll make for a productive but still exiting summer and getting invited to my favorite frat's formal. I'm telling you, if we didn't have money the same stuff would be around. Even without money there was racism, sexism, rape, rude people adding nothing but negativity into this world. Without money we would still have greed and inequality and nightmares about war and cancer and figuring out where to live and which clothes are better and holidays and structures we've created to kill the magic in our lives.

But shoes, life without shoes, would be good.

Sign me up.

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