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Reading room No. 31

The reading room in fondy is my safe place. It's the vibe closest to my high school- books, wood, and nerds.

Not nerds, but actually smart people who care about getting stuff done and done well. The other kind of students, the "social ones" do work together on a couch or last minute under the covers. Some don't even do it at all. Over the course of my academic career, I've fit in all of these categories. But here, my people tend to do work together in our sorority house's TV room. It's a horrible tactic if you actually have work to do that's not just busy work.

My mom would be proud to see me in this room actually getting work done by myself. Granted, writing a blog about this room isn't exactly school work, but that's why I love this class so much. It's the first class I've felt smart in. I feel like I'm actually good at it, and boy is that rare.

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