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Room No. 40

I live in my sorority house and its amazing.

My incredible roommate Alexa is from newport beach and she did the whole room up before I even got there! it took me a month before I added much of anything to make my room my own though, and boy has it made the difference. We are very different vibes and our styles reflect that, but I think our room now is the perfect mesh of the two. I spend hours redoing it when she was in the library because even me putting up pictures on the wall gave her anxiety because she doesn't like change. So of course I then changed the room but she said it was ok as long she doesn't see the change happening and isn't involved with it. I get that. I so get that. but in real life metaphor, you have to be a part of the change in order for it to have any effect. I've learned that the hard way. Going through, acknowledging, and supporting the change is all you can do to make the other side worth while.

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