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Second Summer and False Fall. No. 5

Apparently Texas seasons are very different from MA seasons. In MA we have summer which is the second have of June through the majority of August, and then we have warm days and cold nights for September, then we have colder days and colder nights for the next month, and then from November to May it can really be anything from 70 on Christmas to 35 in May. I call it climate change. In texas however, it's just hot year round except for January and February I guess. I miss the seasons and I'm sick of sweating. It's nice to still have a bit of a tan this late into the year, but sweater weather and apple cider hit. Who knows what the seasons will look like in a decade from now, maybe Florida will be underwater or maybe we'll go into an ice age. I think it's out of my control because turning off lights and unplugging things really doesn't make a big enough difference in the grand scheme of things. Everybody has to do it, especially the corporations.

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