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seeds- yoke lore No. 21

I found my new place on campus. It's the Hillcrest foundation amphitheater. It's perfect because I can sit in this concrete pit, with the perfect wall and is kind of like red rocks vibes but make it texas and completely 100% less magical. But still the same vibe.

Anyways I saw this place once or twice last year and thought it would be the best place to be because you could sit outside but in a hidden place, see people walk by without being in a place people would look while walking by. Kinda like you're invisible but can still take advance of the UV index.

Anyways, I knew there was something special about this place but two things proved it.

Maybe the coolest girl I've met on campus asked to take a picture of me for the school's editorial. I was just sitting here and she asked to take a picture of me, then my name grade and what I'm studying. She was the type of person I wish I knew and one of the only girls my age that I've felt like I've actually looked up to since being here. Idk she just seemed genuine and authentic. Two things that are beyond rare here.

The other thing that proved to me this is my place is more of a myth so I'll keep it to myself

Anyways again, I reached out to take a picture of her walking away because I wanted remember it which sounds very weird now that I'm writing it so maybe it's good I didn't actually get the shot and you can just barely make out the top of her head above the bush on the picture to the right. Finally, the picture to the left I actually took by accident while putting my phone away because I hit the volume button while the camera app was still open. It's funny how accidents turn out cooler than the things that happened on purpose.

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