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summary No. 33

October summary according to my camera roll:

October 1: Lizzie nessa Niya elle get sushi kyoto with the sig eps and then go to waka flaka concert in moody.. kinda weird night I rode in a trunk with ben.

October 2:

homecoming. parade and then watched game with my big. (Borggaard's bday too)

then TXR.


went to Knox Henderson with char and elle on Katy trail and got trader joes. I think I had strep starting here.


filmed my video for this class (clothes by lizzie) on garage rooftop with elle


took a picture of a green vintage chev and had left over fried food.


woke up in a friends room and walked to class with my chocolate milk (12 minutes late). there were lox for brunch in house. then I went home


went sailing with the New York ayer clan and ate at the barnacle.


got mookies coffee with cousin Cedrick. he's a real human now!

walk with momma

rainy whaler ride with ced and chlo

(reeds bday)


the day I saw James Bond die. my grandfather was there. my entire summer staff of high school boys were there too.

bad reviews but fun night.


flew back to DTX. found seventeen the song (Elles song)


Annabelles bday, finally made progress with someone (sporting club I wore my pink kitten heels a pink bandeau top and cut off shorts)


saw jack Malones big at TXR in my mermaid outfit


went to Starbucks and wrote a message about a sobriety sister. then it was red white and blue party that we didn't even go to after ness's bday din. fun night and got another swing dance lesson.


zizikis, beta house incident but rally for afternoon TXR in cute Hermes patterned dress.


idk no pics but it was a sunday


sunny and I ran from lib to street and caught the sunset


I found my spot... THE SPOT.


elle got her car:)

Hannah and I hung out at banditos


idk but cute pics with Lauren and Annie we went somewhere, I think TXR.


mt. joy and quite the weekend to come.

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