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TIK tok No. 26

I hate tik tok, its a total waste of time and my brains cells, but sometimes ill come across things like this: Admit it.

You got a dope soul. Stop

Regretting being a caring person.

Whoever got to experience you, needed

your light at the time. You stay kind, and committed to your love.

Don't you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth.

Just keep on shining like you do.

And because I read that, on tik tok, I spend another few hours over the next few days trying to find another thing like it. I can't tell if it a waste of my time or if its a good way to pass time and then I am so grateful to come across something like what's above. Either way idk tik tok isn't so bad. It can be, like anything else. My mom always says everything in moderation, even moderation, or something like that.

But what about happiness? If it comes in moderation we'll have moments maybe even days that we're sad, but should we let those sad times distract from the good times, because we need a balance to appreciate the good things? I'm not sure.

Love shouldn't come in moderation. If it did we would break up with the person because we would be sad in the relationship as much as we're happy in the relationship and that would be bad.

Can't tell.

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