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wedding No. 12

A lot of people get married at my small town yacht club. Local families, members, cousins, friends, the whole shebang. I for one love weddings but haven't been in one in the last decade and some. I haven't even seen a set up for one in that long, but when I was home over break I did. Unlike the stereotypical girl, I haven't spent long thinking about my wedding if at all. Hopefully I'll only have one but today 1 in every 2 marriages fail, giving the institution of marriage a mere 50% success rate. Long story short, I thought this set up was pretty enough to take some pictures and it even got me excited to have one some day. Hopefully it won't be for another 15 years and once again hopefully it'll be a "once" in a life time experience for me, but until then this is what I got for my wedding mood board, and I don't plan on making a new one until the day comes or when im in my 30s (whichever comes first).

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