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Willie No. 50

Here's the thing. I hate school. So sos so sososoossososo much. I hate sitting in a classroom, I hate being forced to be friends with people to seem cool and worrying about who to sit with at lunch and grades and studying and waking up and then at the end your whole day is gone it all just sucks. Math and history especially.

But this class, and this is iconic, ironic, and simply dramatic because this is my 5oth post, this class changed everything. I finally have a teacher I respect because I feel like he doesn't treat us like students that have numbers on a computer defining our worth. I finally have a teacher who cares about teaching us, not facts or formulas, but teaching us out of his own wisdom and patience. He cares about things that go beyond the textbook and encourages creativity. I've never felt more welcome in a classroom, and I used to actually know everyone by first and last name in my classes. Advertising is my hope for success currently, and I haven't had hope in my success for years. It's been a long time since I've felt proud of myself let alone excited for something at school, other than the cute boy sitting to my left or something else entirely irrelevant to learning.

Although these blind contours don't do him justice, I appreciate my teacher in this class and it's been a long time since I've been able to say that. When I have my own agency or doing anything else creative in my life I'm going to back to this class where I learned that creativity, failing, curiosity, being weird and having different ideas and just putting yourself out there, is part of who I am and there are places in this world where that's actually encouraged.

I've been at a disadvantage for being myself in every other class ive ever taken, except this one. And I'll never forget that.

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